24 Months

It's been 24 months since I've written a blog post -- in blog time that means nothing has happened for 2 years. That couldn't be further from the truth.

Instead of a recap of the past 24 months, I'll share the amazing, exciting, awesome things that are happening now or just about to burst into reality. Starting with my 2018 race plan -- which if I have your email address, you've probably already heard about.

I'm going to attempt a 2018 Spartan Tri-fecta:

Also, as part of Team WorldVision I'm doing three road running races:

  • The Global 6k for Water
  • Seattle Rock'n Roll Half Marathon
  • Chicago Full Marathon

The point of running these races is to raise money for clean water. I am a strong believer in the theory that if we provide each other the basic needs to survive, many good things result: education, economic opportunity, societal safety -- ultimately a better world for everyone.

But it has to start somewhere -- so why not with providing clean water? Typically, water is retrieved by girls and young women who forgo education to provide contaminated water to their family by making many 6k trips per day (see the connection there?).

You can help me, help them get clean water, which enables them to attend school, which provides that education mentioned I talked about before.

Here's the link to donate -- Donate Here!

I'll keep this post up to date with my races/times!