Getting Started with Nitrogen

My teammate, Tim Park, wrote Nitrogen. I've been working with it for about a month, while hacking on lots of IoT related projects. I've got a few bits and pieces I've accumulated to make working with Nitrogen easier (for me) and its' time to share.

So, here is a repository of vagrant vm configuration I'm accumulating. Once you have virtualbox installed, Nitrogen is the first VM, here's how to use it:

  • You must have virtualbox installed
# Clone the rep
> git clone
# Get into the code
> cd vagrant-vms/nitrogen
# Add the ubuntu/trusty64 box
> vagrant add ubuntu/trusty64
# create the vm
> vagrant up

Then you can open your browser to a local port and you'll have a running instance of the Nitrogen service and admin panel.

** This does work with the parallels provider, but these are supposed to be the simplest instructions possible.

Things to do from here

  • Build a new device
  • Build a new application

Look for blog posts on these topics soon.