Serendipitous Geek Culture

The following advertisement just came through my inbox via a mailing list at work. This is one of those treasured moments when I realize how awesome it is to work at Microsoft.

Want to build the world’s weirdest fort? I have 1000 empty Lemon-Lime Talking Rain cans in my office, free to whomever comes by to pick them up.


  • Empty
  • Entirely lemon-lime flavors (peach-nectarine is terrible)
  • Tabs snapped off and placed inside
  • Talking Rain
  • You should get the idea by now

ERRATA: (wouldn’t be MSFT without one)

  • 2-3 slightly dented cans as a result of a freak jostling accident. I’ll throw in some full cans if this is an egregious fault.
  • 1 can does not have the tab inside. I can’t find the can, but I have the tab with me.

I will not part these out. Take them all or none at all.