Summer to Fall: Turning the page...

Today I recieved the following email. This is from one of the best friends I've ever had, Mark Hereld. You should checkou this art, he's awesome -- then you should tell him to come visit me (Hi Mark!).

howdy! below is "last light" image of the ActiveMural. thought you'd like to see it. a new system engineered by outside bid and contract process is being installed now. frame and panels are up -- need to be aligned next. power early next week. images and movies by end of week maybe? LCD panels, with touch. dang big. will send a picture of in progress soon. i'm just a watcher on this! :-)

It's amazing that we built the ActiveMural so long ago and it's stayed in use. It's a 24 projector display wall, here's the "last light" image he sent:

It's interesting timing, as August winds to a close and September starts to look intimidatingly hectic -- kids in school, internship for Ann, work (trips, trips, trips) for me and awesome projects to make progress on.

There's no time to be hesitant about the transitions, I have to get into the groove of change "the only thing constant is everything is in flux (and not a capacitor)". It's good, I'm having an amazing time working with the other members of the (newly renamed) Partner Catalyst Team in the Developers Experience organization at Microsoft. We get the opportunity to do the best projects with amazing partners.

As I head back west from Detroit, I can't tell you how lucky and blessed I am. Right about now I have to wave to Hannah (who's in Chicago visiting her sister wave). She shares a ridiculously awesome photo blog with a couple of friends. It's full of images that make you want to see more.

Tonight, I'll get back to the ranch late and have the chance to spend a few minutes (and all day tomorrow!) with Isaiah. I find myself literally counting the moments I have with them -- Ann, Hannah and Isaiah -- there aren't enough.

Cherish every moment.